Introducing the Smart Payment Contract

May 31, 2020

Today we are excited to release the Smart Payment Smart Contract on LockerX. The Smart Payment let's you send cryptocurrencies to Stellar wallets or any email address.
Unlike normal payments, you can attach documents. You do not need to worry that the receiver trusts the asset you are sending, we will do that for you.

Sending payments to other Stellar wallets

You can configure the smart contract to send payments to other Stellar wallets. The smart contract works by creating a series of pre-authorized transactions and locking the funds in the smart contract.

Sending payments to email addresses

If you don’t know the Stellar wallet address of your contact, you can send the payment directly to their email address! We will safely store the funds in a temporary account that only they can control with a temporary secret token. 

Trying it out

You can try the Smart Payment out by joining LockerX. At the moment, you need to use our built-in wallet to create smart contracts so you will need to deposit some funds.

After that, you can create the Smart Payment by filling out the required fields. You can optionally attach a document.

Depending on your choice, we will email your contact ourselves or you will have to send them the link with the secret token so that they can claim the payment. When they click on the link they will be shown the payment information. If you did not specify their Stellar address, they will be asked in which account they want to withdraw the funds to. After they filled their account information and confirmed, the payment will be sent to their account.

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