The first multi coin payment smart contract


Support BTC, ETH, and more

Use any coin or token in our smart contracts. We support an ever growing list of cryptocurrencies.

Send to any email address

Simply send the payment to any email address. The payment smart contract is protected by a secret code that only you know.

You're in control

The Flash Locker smart contract is controlled by you. Create the smart contract in seconds, then share the link and secret code with the other person, no third party has control of your funds.

Trustless is hard, but we can do it

Tailored Solutions

Smart Contract Development

We can help your business unleash the power of smart contracts on a different range of blockchains.

Blockchain project kickstart

Whether you're a new startup or an established business, we can help you kickstart your next blockchain project.


For us, security is not an afterthought. We follow all the security best practices from day one.