Multi-chain data and asset exchange solution

Discover how we make public and permissioned chains work together


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Our focus

Cross-chain communication

LockerX provides everything you need to transfer data between two or more chains. Use public ledgers as a settlement layer for your private network.

Stablecoin support

Integrate fiat currency in your product. We help you navigate the stablecoin space and choose what's best for you. Thanks to our experience, the integration will be faster and cheaper.

Our offer

1. Initial consultation

We start by meeting with you and understand your business. We then help you identify processes that can be automated using blockchain technology. We discuss the relative strength of each blockchain platform in realizing your project.

2. Prototype

Our team builds a prototype to validate the solution. This is an iterative process that includes the main stakeholders from your business.

3. Business integration

We look at how to integrate the blockchain solution with your company's existing business processes. We update the prototype to work together with existing software.

4. Product development

We develop the prototype further to work seamlessly with your existing software. We can work together with your development team or help you outsource the work.

5. Production & monitoring

We bring the blockchain solution in production on your existing or new server infrastructure. If you don't have a dedicated IT team, we help you find a blockchain service to run your application.