Volatility Protection
Protect yourself from cryptocurrencies volatilities

Fiat or Crypto
We accept the most potular stablecoin

Safe with Smart Contract
You are always in control. From lock-in to the end you decide all the funds move.

What we believe in
Modern financial services should be fast, cheap, and for everyone.
LockerX focuses on using smart contracts to increase adoption of cryptocurrencies in international remittance, billing, and guarantees.

LockerX enables users to develop custom-made financial transactions, without the need for costly third parties. Thanks to blockchain technology, the transactions are safely stored and can be reviewed for auditing purpose.
Prove you have access to the fund. Everything will be recorded on the immutable ledger, we generate the documentation for you

Ensure you receive payments with a letter of credit. Keep the payments safely in a smart contract until the deal terms are met.

Reserve funds for a single transaction. At the end of the transaction period, fund will be redistributed to participants.

Power up your wallet.
Start tacking back control on your crypto transactions. Join LockerX and create your first smart contract in minutes.
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